Custom tailored clothes

Each thing Second ME makes comes with the story

Goda’s coat – unique city fairy miracle!

“This is the coat that changed my life.” – That’s what Goda says about this tailored coat. Inspired by Goda’s desire to have a unique, eye-catching and warm coat, clothing designer Erika has created a unique urban fairy wonder! The coat’s construction combines gothic elements with modern colours to reflect Goda’s character and style. “It is a coat of compliments and confidence, designed to reflect and complement my personality. It makes me feel like a real city fairy and makes me want to run out into the street every morning!”

“This is the coat that changed my life!”

Goda, this tailored coat owner

Winter harmony – coat for Erika

Erika’s blue, white and black long fur coat symbolises winter harmony. These faux fur coats are the perfect choice for the cold season, as they are very comfortable, warm and cosy, while at the same time the fur adds a luxurious and distinctive look to your everyday life. The carefully chosen design elements reflect Erika’s distinctive style and radiate elegance. This long faux fur coat is not only a garment, but also a means of self-expression, helping you to feel even more confident and special every day!

Silver faux fur jacket with a hood and ears for Erika

When the days are getting colder and you want to stay warm and cosy faux fur jacket is trully a life saver! ✨💙❄️ Silverish faux fur jacket is one thing but the joy gives the ears, trully. A best way to spend cold winter days and express your inner creature.

Silver faux fur coat with green ears individually made for Erika (Second ME). Let’s make one for you?

Black faux fur jacket with a hood and ears for Adelė

Second ME friends are just amazing! Adelė is a good Second ME friend and a neighbor who makes magic with hair and colors – Alchemija. Adelė decided to grab individual Second ME faux fur coat with ears as when she saw we are making these ones, just couldn’t resist! 😆 And now she runs happily in the forests with wolves! Black faux fur jacket with a hood and ears. What could be better for the winter, huh?

Adele, you rock! 💙

Faux fur and neoprene coat for Povilas

One evening Povilas asked ME to make an individual coat for him. Well, quite a challenge I thought. But Second ME likes challenges as you know. Thus, the condition was – ok, but you will wear it! And he does! ✨
Individual coat for a person who shines the whole spectrum of colors to the world, is a bit of a dragon as likes to play with fire and in general is an awesome guy. ✨🔥 Povilas, thank you for the trust! ✨

Neon pink faux fur jacket with a hood for Vytautas

Second ME likes challenges and from time to time creates clothes for awesome people who want extraordinary things. 🔥 Hot Air Lines pilot Vytautas Samarinas few years ago asked to make faux fur neon pink coat which has traveled all over with him. This time, adrenaline powered journey in the Alps was awarded with the 1st place in Hot Air Balloon Dakar Rally over the Alps – Dolomiti Balloonfestival! Absolutely proud & congrats one more time! ✨
👉 I think you’ll agree that Vytautas is the most stylish pilot in the sky! 🔥

Colorful Faux Fur Jacket With a Hood

Oh, this is one of the first faux fur jackets Second ME has ever made! Ethical fashion is in Second ME heart and body – the best way to show that you don’t need to harm live creatures to look fancy, classy, interesting, feel warm and be colorful is to wear a faux fur jacket. It’s a statement.

The most important thing – when you wear a faux fur jacket – everyone wants to cuddle and hug you! Try that out, it’s really fun. Moreover, it’s warm, cosy and looks really amazing in all the seasons when it’s chilly (with a t-shirt!) or when it’s snow everywhere (with warm dresses, sweaters). Already tried in the desert, snow, mountains, forests, cities and little towns, festivals and each day in Vilnius. Really worht it.

Let’s make something extraordinary for you? ✨🔥

Light Blue Faux Futr Jacket for Vytautas

This is not the first time Vytautas has had an individually made faux fur coat. The hot air balloon pilot admits that compliments have become an everyday occurrence: ‘In recent years, we have become more free to give a compliment, even to a stranger we meet on the street. So, when I wear this garment, I get compliments too!” The fur coat has a high neck, large pockets and its colour symbolises a kind of fusion of grey wolf fur and blue sky, which makes passers-by turn around and take another look. Despite its distinctive design and unconventional colour, it is very practical. The synthetic material requires no special care and wears well! Their versatility has been tested both on and above the ground! “Comfortable, unconventional and playful” are the three words Vytautas used to describe the wearing experience.

Coat for Erika – colorfully patterned as a blanket!

Erika’s long, cozy and comfortable coat is, as Erika herself jokes, a blanket! This coat is made of a fabric printed with fun stripes and is so called because of the feeling you get when you put it on. This coat makes you feel like you’re in a bed that wraps you in warmth and coziness, even on the chilliest day. The coat’s distinctive design underlines Erika’s stylish and bright personality, while the playful fabric is sure to catch the eye on the street! What’s more, the coat is reversible, so to hide from the stares, you can wear the inner side, in all black, which only has the playful details of the cut-out fabric – pockets. The high-quality materials used in the coat require no special care and provide comfort and warmth even on the coldest winter days. It is more than a garment – it is the story of a warm, cozy coat that fulfils Erika’s needs, of a garment made with responsibility and love that accompanies its owner every day.

Green warm tailored coat for Erika

Erika’s fresh and really warm winter coat with green elements, which symbolise rebirth and vitality, reminds us of the spring that we all look forward to every year after winter. Each element of the coat’s construction is a unique piece of handmade craftsmanship, inviting you to stand out from the crowd. This coat adds playfulness and charm to everyday life, while the details create a unique impression. Erika welcomes the cold with a unique design that invites you to enjoy a warm cup of tea and cosy, stylish walks in the winter nature!

Tailored coats are the expression of your inner colors with a twist of your personality that is reflected trough a robe.

The cosyness and feeling wearing the coat that is made specially for you brings another level of cosiness and feeling of a style.

Erika Kielė, Second ME