Lithuanian, sustainable, slow-fashion brand Second ME created by Erika Kielė offers you various clothes and accessories that are indispensable in everyday adventures. Clothes that are handmade with love and care will complement your wardrobe with colours and the highest quality.

Favourite Second ME leggings

Second ME leggings – a great choice for those who want to colour their legs with eye-catching colors! A wide selection of handmade leggings will allow everyone to discover their favorite ones and feel not only comfortable but also fashionable. Leggings are the brightest and the most loved Second ME garment. Below you can see the best-selling Second ME leggings, and you can view all the available colours by selecting Leggings in the menu bar.


What is SECOND ME?

Thank you for visiting the virtual home of Second ME!

Hi, I’m Erika. I create brightly designed leggings, comfortable and durable clothing and accessories that are sustainable. Second ME is a Lithuanian, small family business, where everything is made by hand, with love, dedication and diligence. All Second ME products are made in my mother’s sewing shop called P o m p i d u. Because the products are handmade and responsibly produced, they are designed to be worn for a long time: quality fabric and handiwork create a long-lasting item. And when you want to replace a Second ME garment with a new one – you can simply pass it on to friends so that others could continue to enjoy it!

Why Second ME is a SUSTAINABLE fashion brand?

  • Environmentally friendly.

    Second ME doesn‘t use unnecessary labels, and the parcel that comes to you is packed in an environmentally friendly package – absolutely no plastic!

  • Responsible use of fabrics.

    Second ME clothes are made from fabric scraps and leftover materials from large factories.

  • High quality and a lot of experience.

    High quality fabrics and an experienced Second ME team ensure the longevity of the garments.

Custom tailored clothes

Every Second ME garment is born with a story.

Second ME not only creates clothes at its own discretion, but accepts individual orders as well. Does it so happen that sometimes the garment you dream of is nowhere to be found, but the desire to have it is still very great? Second ME loves creating together, so if you have been dreaming about something non-standard for a long time, Contact ME.