Your favorite Second ME thingies

What is SECOND ME?

Thanks for stepping by to virtual Second ME home!

My name is Erika and I make things. Second ME is a small local sustainable fashion brand, a family business where everything is handmade in high quality with lots of love. All Second ME garments are made to wear for a long time. Second ME is made by my mom, Inesa in a small sewing studio in Vilnius, Lithuania – P o m p i d u.

Second ME is a sustainable fashion brand

  • Environmentally friendly

    only recyclable materials are used for packaging.

  • Responsible use of fabrics

    textile residues from factories are used in the manufacture of clothing

  • High quality and experience

    High quality fabrics and experienced tailors ensures long lasting clothes!

Custom tailored clothes

Each thing Second ME makes comes with the story

Second ME is making clothes that are suitable for all occasions. For you to wear in every situation you get to. But Second ME is also making custom-made clothes for people who need something extraordinary or just feels the vibe of Second ME and needs something that can’t get anywhere else.

Faux-fur jackets are one of the favorite Second ME custom made items. Contact ME when you need something and let’s do it!

Silver faux fur jacket with a hood and ears for Erika

When the days are getting colder and you want to stay warm and cosy faux fur jacket is trully a life saver! ✨💙❄️

Silver faux fur coat with green ears individually made for Erika (ME). Let’s make one for you?

Black faux fur jacket with a hood and ears for Adelė

Second ME friends are just amazing! Adelė is a good Second ME friend and a neighbor who makes magic with hair and colors – Alchemija. This year Adelė decided to grab individual Second ME faux fur coat with ears as when she saw we are making these ones, just couldn’t resist! 😆 And now she runs happily in the forests with wolves! Adele, you rock! 💙

Faux fur and neoprene coat for Povilas

One evening Povilas asked ME to make an individual coat for him. Well, quite a challenge I thought. But Second ME likes challenges as you know. Thus, the condition was – ok, but you will wear it! And he does! ✨
Individual coat for a person who shines the whole spectrum of colors to the world, is a bit of a dragon as likes to play with fire and in general is an awesome guy. ✨🔥 Povilas, thank you for the trust! ✨

Neon pink faux fur jacket with a hood for Vytautas

Second ME likes challenges and from time to time creates clothes for awesome people who want extraordinary things. 🔥 Hot Air Lines pilot Vytautas Samarinas few years ago asked to make faux fur neon pink coat which has traveled all over with him. This time, adrenaline powered journey in the Alps was awarded with the 1st place in Hot Air Balloon Dakar Rally over the Alps – Dolomiti Balloonfestival! Absolutely proud & congrats one more time! ✨
👉 I think you’ll agree that Vytautas is the most stylish pilot in the sky! ✨🔥