What is Second ME ?

Second ME (2nd ME) is a sustainable fashion, clothing and accessories brand. It is a small local family business. The items are ethically made, very thought-through, every detail is folded, cut and sewed by hand. The fabric is selected by touching and rumpling so that it is not just pleasant to wear but also pleasant to touch.

Second ME is a very sincere clothing brand where each item is made with lots of love, care and responsibility as they are designed to become your favorite ones.

Sustainable: mainly the residues of fabrics from big factories are used for Second ME garments. Second ME use the fabric till the smallest cut out. The small cut outs are used in workshops and other projects related with zero waste, sustainable fashion and etc.

2nd ME is a clothing brand. Every 2nd ME garment is hand made in Lithuania, Europe.

About Second ME Brand

Second ME (2nd ME) is a second YOU. It knows that everything depends on your mood, on how you feel today. It’s quiet and lazy when you want to rest or do nothing. It romps together when you are in a great mood and want to get wild. It joins you to a fancy party or rolls up and goes to visit your grandma. It’s always with you because YOU feel good with it, because it’s your best friend. Your Second you (2nd ME). It is YOU.

Second ME is simple, warm, cozy and cute but at the same time crazy and interesting. It is versatile all-in-one, because You are all-in-one.

Second ME, while being simple, is very thought-through. Every detail is folded, cut and sewed by hand. The fabric is selected by touching and rumpling so that it is not just pleasant to wear but also pleasant to touch.

Who is making Second ME?

Erika is a clothing thinker – all the designs of Second ME brand are made by her. Erika has a PhD in chemistry, thus she doesn’t call herself a designer. She presents herself as a maker and thinker of things, the creator. As simple as that.

Second ME garments are designed by Erika and sewed by her beloved mom. She has more than 30 years of experience in sewing so 2nd ME clothing and accessories comes in a super high quality and over-thought millions of times to be as comfy as they can be.

The visual identity of Second ME is created by Erika’s beloved husband Romas. All the professional pictures that you see in Second ME web page, Instagram and Facebook are developed by him.

Erika is a clothing thinker, wearer and curator of Second ME brand. Erika is the one who gathers everybody to create and express their passion. Clothing thinker who makes Second ME happen.

Inesa is a sewer who has more then 30 years of experience in making clothing and accessories. She is a sewer and a technical clothing constructor. All items that are made by her are handmade responsibly and thought – trough to be as comfy as they can.

Romas is a professional photographer. His artsy eye focuses on capturing Second ME items. He is the one who transmits the visual Second ME identity to You.

Second ME in Press !

Second ME talks about itself from time to time. About the team, process and other important things. 2nd ME is not making any translations of the interviews. If it is written Lithuanian, let’s keep it Lithuanian. If it’s English, it’s English.

Vieną dieną ji – pankė, kitą – aukštakulniais pasipuošusi mergina. Alternatyvi, eksperimentuojanti, šviečianti visomis palėtės spalvomis. Taip galima apibūdinti tiek jauną dizainerę Eriką Kielę, tiek jos kuriamus drabužius. Kristina Aleksynaitė-Žibienė, www.DELFI.lt 2015-10-27.

Erika Kielė. Chemikė, drabužių galvotoja, tiesiog kurianti asmenybė, prekių ženklo “Second ME” savininkė.
“Cosmopolitan”, 2016 rugsėjis.

Jei pri­trūks­ta su­kne­lės – ją pa­si­siu­va, prireikia pa­to­gios pi­ni­gi­nės – su­si­konst­ruo­ja. Iš Šiau­lių ki­lu­si che­mi­jos moks­lų dak­ta­rė Eri­ka Kie­lė ant­rą­jį „aš“ at­ra­do kur­da­ma rū­bus. Simona Simonavičė, 2016-10-08, “Šiaulių kraštas”.

We are Erika. We are new and fresh clothing thinkers and makers. We create exactly what we miss and believe that if we miss it, maybe you feel a lack of it as well.

Where to find Second ME studio?

Second ME has a cosy studio in the oldtown of Vilnius, Lithuania. 2nd ME studio does not have any strict opening hours, thus please contact ME for visiting. Keep in mind that contacting 2nd ME is mandatory for visiting the studio. :) All Second ME items are born in the studio, come by to see the process, chat and check, what’s new.
The studio is located at Smetonos str. 2, 1st floor, Vilnius, Lithuania.