Wrist Wallets Spring 2015

What’s on everyone’s wrist? You’ve seen them on kids, travelers, shoppers, walkers, runners, moms and teachers. It seems like everyone has it! What is it?

Wrist wallet is an extra pocket you wish you had. This wallet is extremely comfortable for party lions, travelers, people who wants to leave their “normal” big wallets at home and have only cash, keys and other small things in one place. This wallet is absolutely comfortable to hide your euros in.

This season wrist wallets comes in wool and cotton.

  • Woolen writs wallets are in 9 colors: pastel violet, mustard, brown, light gray, dark blue, bright green, mint, black, multicolored.
  • Cotton wrist wallets are in 6 colors: bright red/ bordo, light brown/ cacao, dark brown, green, dark blue, bright blue.

Cotton towelish fabric added to absorb the perspiration and waterproof lining for your euros to stay dry.

Photo credits: Romanas Kiela/ www.fotopastele.lt.