Velour Slim-fit and Warm
Loose-fit Cotton Dress
Spring/Summer 2014 – SS14

  • Warm cosy loose-fit black dress

Finally a beautiful white snowy winter has arrived. Although not many are fond of such bone breaking colds, there is charm in every season. It gives us a chance to slip into comfortable, soft and most importantly warm clothes. All of us have a favorite piece of clothing that we don’t want to separate with even after it is completely worn out. This season Second ME has designed exactly this kind of dress.

The dress is very comfortable and does not restrict motion. It frames your silhouette in a stylish way and the black color is always classic. It is very easy to match accessories to this dress and thus instantly change it to a fancy dress suitable for special occasions. A brilliant idea is usually a simple one.

Second ME cares of what its’ products are made of. “A warm, cozy night” model is not an exception. Second ME realizes that your favorite everyday clothes must be very special to you. The fabric must be soft and warm. “A warm, cozy night” is made of especially thick and natural cotton fabric which lets your skin breathe. The fabric is sturdy but soft at the same time. It will keep you very warm even on the coldest winter night since it has an inner soft and fluffy inner side. The organic Oeko -Tex 100 standards matching paint has been used to color the fabric. Oeko – Tex is a certified brand that it is used to ensure that the fabric is of high quality, that it matches your skin pH balance, and does not contain any allergenic or hazardous materials. This means that the fabric is human and environment-friendly.

This dress is perfectly in line with our motto: once you try it on you will never want to take it off. Try it and you will see. The Second ME spends this winter in a warm, comfortable and stylish way.

  • Velour slim-fit dresses

It’s not easy to start a week with Monday as there were many impressions and surprises during the weekend, which are still dwindling in your mind. Moreover, it’s so difficult to choose what to wear that you can just fall out of your wardrobe!

It feels so good that the winter is over and you can finally enjoy beautiful and sunny days. People start smiling again and become inexplicably happy. Everyone’s mood becomes good, people start becoming more alive again. So many ideas that it’s hard to make everything happen. Every girl wants to meet the spring squeezed into a nice, bright dress at first. And emit beauty.
Second ME velvety dress is perfectly suitable for it. These dresses are made of extremely soft, mild fabric. The dresses comes in three different colors: pink, violet and green. Absolutely spring, isn’t it? Grab it as we still have some. It’s limited edition.

Photo credits: Romanas Kiela/

Make-up: Vilma Petrutytė.
Model: Solveiga.