St. Valentine’s day/ The Day of Red Hearts 2014.
Love is Red and All Around You

Second ME thoughts are earthy and simple. However, the pictures – quite unusual and very funny!

The day of Red Hearts should be celebrated in red and not alone.

Having someone close to your heart is very important during this day. No matter who or what kind of form, just something close to your heart. All the stories are actually alike. You are a bit afraid and shy at the beginning as you don’t know how to behave. You are trying a cake, cookie and a candy until you eventually discover what actually works and fits. Gradually you start to know each other, domesticate it, observe it carefully and try hard. Of course, these efforts do give harvest and finally you start to get along, everything becomes beautiful, good and funny in the world – as in a fairy tale. Then you taste those biscuits, sweets and cakes together, share moods, feelings and experiences each day. It’s so good to spend the time with your beloved one. That’s why it’s so important to tell everyone you care that you love them. It doesn’t matter who it is – your beloved one, brother, sister, mum or any other close person or maybe just a candy which you truly like, or something which enchants you just by looking at it (for example Second ME red dress “Completely Red” or “Completely red” bow-tie, or a vacuum cleaner).. It doesn’t matter; the most important is that love is in the air you’re breathing.

Breath and love.

World is beautiful.

Photo credits: Romanas Kiela /

Model: Kęstutis.