E-shop Photo-shoot
Autmn/ Winter 2013-2014
A/W 13/14

E-shop photo-session. Close-fit velvety dresses and loose-fit blue, red, brown, sand color dresses with big pockets.

2nd ME dresses soon will be available at 2nd ME e-shop. However, 2nd ME received lots of questions regarding the dresses and decided to share the answers with you sooner. You can calmly take a look around, read, and choose.

2nd ME Christmas is cozy, nice and thought-through. New owner receives the dress in a linen bag which is hand made by 2nd ME and is really very nice. It is made accurately and responsibly. The quantity of bags is limited.

Good news is that 2nd ME is delivered free of charge within Lithuania! Take a look around, choose a present for yourself, sister, mother, your loved one. Or just for a neighbor.

Photo credits:

Photos: Romanas Kielawww.fotopastele.lt
Make-up: Vilma Petrutytė

Model: Aira.