Handmade Cotton Eco-bag
and Warm Cotton Dress

Second ME creative news – strong, capacious cotton bag – pouch that matches to everything.

You know what smells like spring awakening to us? Yes, natural fibers! The background of the bag – pouch is ecological cotton which corresponds to Oeko Tex 100 standard. Soft handles do not press the shoulders and all the necessary things are going to fit into sand color front pocket. It is easy to wear, put it on and off. Just your favorite and most practical bag which is always under your arm!

Warm black cotton dress is always a good option when it’s a bit cold outside. Or when it’s freezing. Or even for a bit chilly late spring day/ evening.

Photo credits:

Model: Lina Skukauskė.
Make-up: Vilma Petrutytė.
Photos: Romanas Kiela/ www.fotopastele.lt.