Feeling the Forest
Autumn/Winter 2013/2014
A/W 13/14

This season 2nd ME is going to be fancy-casual because celebrations are just around the corner. However, the point is not in the celebration but helping you to feel good in any situation. And with 2nd ME you will feel great anywhere – at a fancy party, at the grandparents’ Christmas table, at the bar with friends and even while taking a walk at the forest. Therefore, we went for a walk in the forest. It‘s beautiful in the forest with 2nd ME. See and judge for yourself, and feel it through.

We would like to present you our first forest-themed photo-session. You will be able to see and purchase our products on www.secondme.lt shortly. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, suggestions or perhaps would like to share your observations please feel free to contact us at ask (at) secondme.lt.

Photo credits: Romanas Kiela/ www.fotopastele.lt.

Make-up: Vilma Petrutytė.
Models: Aurelija and Erika.