Blue and Brown Maxi Dresses
Winter 2014/2015
A/W 14/15

Second ME admires winter when everything is covered in snow.  It’s just great when you need warmer clothes and lots of layers to stay warm. Thus it’s always seem that everything has to be in wool to keep you warm enough to enjoy these frosty days.
Don’t forget that winter is going to end soon. So go to the forest to walk around and feel the winter in all its’ pureness, in all its’ whiteness and greatness.

Winter with Second ME is beautiful and warm. 2nd ME suggests to order thin but warm, light and absolutely simple blue and brown classic cut maxi dress. It suits perfectly for both winter and spring. For you to stay warm. Dress comes in two colors – light pastel blue and chocolate brown. Dresses are in a very limited quantity so contact Second ME to order.

Brown scarf-hood-sweater with wooden buttons would also do a favor for you by keeping you cozy during your long walks out in a nature.

Photo credits: Romanas Kiela /