We are Second ME

Second ME (2nd ME) – simple, thought-through and nicely folded handmade clothing. All 2nd ME items are handmade in Lithuania.

Second ME is simple, warm, cozy and cute but at the same time crazy and interesting. It is all-in-one, because You are all-in-one.

Second ME, while being simple, is very thought-through. Every detail is folded, cut and sewed by hand. The fabric is selected by touching and rumpling so that it is not just pleasant to wear but also pleasant to touch.

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Leggings vs. Liquid Nitrogen!
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Second ME Lookbook

2nd ME likes what is simple, minimalistic but has something extraordinary. Something what is absolutely great when you wear it. In this lookbook you are going to find all the feelings you get wearing 2nd ME garments. You are going to find out what your 2nd ME is doing while you’re out. Check it out. It’s worth it. All 2nd ME visuals in one place. What can be better?

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Cotton Wrist Wallets
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